Mount Pisgah from the Backside: East Trailhead

A little tree frog we saved off the path

I've hike Mount Pisgah many times.  But never from the backside trailhead.  May I just say after my experience hiking this trail in the spring sun, it is so worth it.  I preferred it greatly to the main trail up the front side and even to the side trails up the front side.  The path less traveled is definitely worth seeing.  

From the top of Mount Pisgah looking east

Mount Pisgah is unique for its many native oak groves.  There is a much more open feeling hiking at Pisgah than hiking elsewhere in Eugene where most of the trails are covered by thick doug fir giving the undergrowth a fern gully feel.  Mount Pisgah, on the other hand, is covered with oak savannah taking us back to what most of the area looked like before doug firs were brought in for their commercial profitability.  

The openings of the oak savannah provide the perfect opportunity for dappled sunlight on a bright spring day.  

You'll also love the many wildflowers popping out this time of year.  

Keep your eyes gazing the undergrowth for the many varieties.  

To find the eastside trail, drive down Hwy 58 to Pleasant Hill, turn left onto Rigdeway Drive.  Drive down about 2 miles until you see the eastside trailhead to Mount Pisgah on the left.   Park at the trailhead. It is a fee area ($2 parking fee).  Head up the gravel road until you see a Y in the path.  We took the path to the right because the path to the left was under electric lines.  The path from here is 2.3 miles up to the top.   There are a few Y's in the path.  We followed trail #2 to the top.  Near the top we found a small trail veering to the left that took us right to the top.  

There are a couple benches at the top and a wide 360 degree view.  The Cascades can be seen to the east on a clear day and the coastal range and Eugene can be seen to the west.  You can also spot the middle fork of the the Willamette River and the coastal fork as well.  You will see much of the farming valley in both directions.  

At the top you will also find a bronze sculpture with a topographical map of the area.  It will help you identify what you are seeing. 

Get out there!  The time has come for exploring.  

I'm preparing for a 5 day bike tour.  It will be the biggest I've done to date.  More on that soon!