Local Parks, Gardens, and Farms. 

Local Parks, Gardens, and Farms. 

There are many beautiful local parks, gardens, and farms to explore in and near the Eug.  High on my list would be Hendrick's Park, Spencer's Butte, and Mount Pisgah Arboretum.  I would be happy to guide you through nearby forests or show you around our many local farms including urban farms, organic and biodynamic farms.  

There are too many trails to mention by name.  Whether you're looking for a short trail or an epic trail excursion, we can guide you down the right path. 


Whiteaker community art project

Whiteaker community art project


Walking tours of Eugene can include local art, history, literature, food, drinks, parks, farms, rivers, and more.  Customizable walking tours can be created based on your interests.  Walking tours can be based on any group size.  Walking tours can be fun for all ages and abilities.  


Tours Available

Huge Eug Classic

Blair Beer Bounce

Whiteaker Wine Walk

History Hike

Literature Loop 

College Crawl

Downtown Detour

Respect the Runners

Cyclist Circuit

Jefferson Jaunt

South Hills Saunter 

Art About

River Route

Forest Frolic

Ridgeline Rambles

Pisgah Peak

Pre's Pride

Hendrick's Hideaway

Spencer's Butte Summit