Local tours and adventures in and around Eugene, Oregon. Walking. Cycling. By car if necessary.  Teens, kids, families, all ages and abilities welcome.  Connecting you to local food, local wineries, local breweries, local farms, local trails, local history, local literature, local art, local community, and local events from the Whiteaker Neighborhood, Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, Cascadia.



Adventures by foot. 

Walking tours.  Hiking.  Running. Backpacking.  Trails. Two legs can take us anywhere.  Simple. Beautiful.  Timeless method of travel. 

Adventures by bike. 

Biking in Eugene and surrounding areas is almost always the preferred travel method.  Barring gnarly weather or technical difficulties, cycling can be the perfect way to experience the outdoors and our local community.  We have many bike paths, bike lanes, scenic routes, cycle shops, bike polo, mountain bike trails and scenes to enjoy for all the two wheel types.    

Adventures by car. 


Sometimes you want to travel by vehicle.  Currently able to accommodate up to 4 adventurers by car.  Bike rack equipped.  Can take you to the trailhead, the winery, the forest, or wherever you want to explore.  Jump in.